Uwaridi web-application is  web version of uwaridi app which allow users to read books of famous books writers using their laptops or desktop computers .

Uwaridi  a web-based application  brings attest for quality work from various Tanzanian authors. Its incredibly difficult to find quality novel in Tanzania. Uwaridi app makes it possible by unifying the collective work from various Tanzanian authors. The Books you find in Uwaridi web are high quality work which has been reviewed by internally by Uwaridi organization. Uwaridi stands for Umoja wa waandishi wenye Dira, is a legal organization registered in United republic of Tanzania. Through Uwaridi you can find books of various genres such as Love story or stories, Horror, fiction, spy or spying, detective, fiction, politics and others.

The Uwaridi web application  has the following features.

  • Easy purchase by using Tanzanian mobile money system such as Mpessa (M-Pesa), Tigo Pesa (TigoPesa), Airtel Money (AirtelMoney), Halo Pesa (HaloPesa) and Ezy or Z Pesa.
    Easy navigation
  • Read up to 15 pages for FREE.
  • If sample isn’t enough, each book has description which helps the reader to get book insight even before purchase.
  • User password protection for security enhancement.


You can visit uwaridi web through uwaridi.dautechnology.co.tz


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