Simgazeti, Sim Gazeti, or Simugazeti is free app, for reading Tanzania latest newspaper s,latest book s, magazines and articles or publications, attest the power of mobile experience.
Simugazeti or simgazeti acts a mobile newsstand whereby a reader can access local publications from various Tanzanian publishers, providers.Simgazeti, simugazeti or Simugazeti App enables users to purchase publication using Tanzanian mobile money such as Tigo Pesa (TigoPesa), M-Pesa (mpesa), Airtel Money (AirtelMoney), Halo Pesa (HaloPesa) or Ezy Pesa (Z-Pesa). Most of these mobile money are are easily accessible in Tanzania. Get a job in Tanzania, tender or bid in Tanzania from various sources.
With sim gazeti, you can get access for tenders or a bid, a job or most latest jobs advertised in Tanzanian newspapers. Newspapers are available from early morning starting from midnight 12.00 am.
Sim gazeti offers:
– Single publication purchases this includes newspapers, books, magazines, articles and books
– Non renewable subscription for accessing Unlimited newspapers issues only for one month
– Auto renewable subscription for accessing Unlimited newspapers issues for one month, Auto renewable subscription automatically renews unless cancelled by user inSettings > iTunes.
– Supports various Tanzanian mobile money payments like Tigo Pesa, M Pesa, Airtel Money, Halo Pesa, Z Pesa or Ezy Pesa.
– Sim gazeti supports Kiswahili or Swahili (sometimes called Bongo land language) and English.
– Offline library for downloaded newspaper publication, book, magazine
– Advanced search called mtojo where users can search text books, a book, an author, specific newspaper, specific publisher by Name or by Title.

– Sim gazeti has various media houses, vendors or collectively known as Tanzania newspaper providers such as Mtanzania, Raia Mwema, An-nuur, Rai, Bingwa, Dimba, Mwanasoka, Jambo leo, Majira, Habari leo, Dailynews, spoti leo, Tanzania Daima, uhuru,mwanahalisi and others.
– Audio book support.
Sim gazeti app, is very useful app for people who want to learn Swahili or kiswahili language, It contains many Swahili resource to make you improve your Swahili.

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