Web based vesion of simgazeti app which allow users to read newspapers, books, articles using their laptop or desktops computers you may visit simagazeti web by clicking here

Simgazeti web will let you read, preview, download books, magazines, newspapers, articles from different authors, publishers around the world.
Since sim gazeti has was initially launched in Tanzania, it has rich Swahili contents, this enables a reader to access various publications such as books, newspapers, magazines and articles written in Swahili though English publications and other launguages are popular too.
Simugazeti app also provides Mobile money payment methods which are popular in East Africa such as,Tigo Pesa (TigoPesa), M-Pesa (mpesa), Airtel Money (AirtelMoney), Halo Pesa (HaloPesa) or Ezy Pesa (Z-Pesa), and others.

Simugazeti, Simgazeti FEATURES:
+ Book preview up to 15 sample pages for FREE
+ Rich library of publications from local & international book authors & publishers
+ Books for various genres such as Spy, Love & Romance, Politics, Horror, entrepreneur, Cooking, Health, Sports and others
+ Newspapers from various publishers such as Mtanzania, Raia Mwema, An-nuur, Rai, Bingwa, Dimba, Mwanasoka, Jambo leo, Majira, Habari leo, Dailynews, spoti leo, Tanzania Daima, uhuru,mwanahalisi and more
+ Easy to use interface
+ Quick download
+ Job,Tender,Auction support
+ All publications are HALF THE PRICE of the printed hard copy.
+ Include user password for security enhancement

You can visit simagazeti web through following url simagazeti.com


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